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‘Respect’ – The Significance Of The Month Of Rajab (The Month Of Allah)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

The month of Rajab is the seventh month in the Islamic calender. Rajab is one of the four sacred months in the Islamic calendar along with the month of Muharram, Dhulkaedah and Dhulhijjah.

One of the meanings of Rajab in Arabic language is respect. The meaning “respect” was given because this month was already established as a month of good behaviour in the preIslamic time. In jahiliah itself Good behaviour was already encouraged in the month of Rajab. Doing good deeds, charity, establishing lots of good deeds according to their way. This is to increase their faith in their ‘gods’ during the time of jahiliah (pre-Islamic era).

In the month of Rajab, peace was also strongly encouraged, there should be no war, no fighting, no hatred amongst one another, to keep the family ties strong and to tighten the bond of silaratulrahim amongst one another.

Linguistically Rajab denotes its importance, honor, and glory.

This month is also known as Rajab al-`Asam (the silent month) because during this month, the Arabs would lay down their arms in respect of its inviolability and there would be no sound of fighting or warfare.

Also knows a Rajab al-Asab (the month of inundation) because the mercy of God descends in great abundance in this month.

Also known as Rajab al-Murajjab in reference to its exalted and sublime status!

Allah swt made Rajab a sacred month. Accepting this blessings of Allah swt, and seeking His Redha in this blessed month of Rajab, whoever increases the ibadah to ALLAH swt seeking Allah’s Redha and reward in this sacred month is certainly rewarded. This month is also known As The Month Of Allah!

Rajab is blessed with many important things and incidents in Islam especially Isra Mi’raj of RasuluLlahi SollaLlahu alaihi wa aalih wasallam took place in this sacred month (27th night of Rajab) and also the begin of the obligatory 5 time solah, during the night of Mi’raj.

We should focus and do whatever good deeds that we can submit to ALLAH swt, seeking Allah’s pleasure in this sacred month. For example Increasing the fasting especially on the first Day, Mi’raj Day and on other specific days of the month will be rewarded greatly.

Increase optional solah especially Qiyamullail, sadaqa, azkar, solawat, reading ofal-Qur’an al – kareem and all other righteous deeds of sunnah will be rewarded abundantly.

Especially in the present time, in such a fitnah situation, the Muslim world must focus on these blessed months and seeking its granted barakah to steadfast their faith and strengthen their relationship with ALLAH swt.

By giving life to these sacred months in our present lives would be a “Bonus” to steadfast our Iman and strengthen our aqidah as we have discussed in our other blogs.

Let us make our sincere Dua and hope that through this enlightenment and encouragements of the sacred months and its blessings, especially in this blessed Rajab, the Muslims of today could bring in practice a specific “concentration” on their religious accountability and its fulfillment.

Welcoming the sacred month of Rajab with honoring its sanctity would establish a special spiritual tendency to welcome the blessed months of Sha’ban and Ramadhan. In all these blessed opportunities, Rajab will encourage Muslims to do more righteous deeds and charitable acts…. This is one of the ways to purify our ‘qalb’ and hence to achieve Allah’s Redha.

Let us not forget that !! in the light of spiritual Tarbiyyah Rajab is also known as the month of sowing our seeds of ibadah… welcoming Shaaban and Ramadhan to come out with greatest victory in the joyous month of Shawwal.

Dua for the month of Rajab was thought to us by our prophet ‘saw’ so we can get the barakah for the month of Rajab. May Allah grant us more thoufeeq and hidayah in sha Allah.

My dear respected Readers; Let us start to plant our good deeds in this sacred month of Rajab itself and begin our journey to the ‘Preparation our Body, Mind and Soul’ for welcoming – The Month of Ramadhan al-Mubarak

Ya Allah grant us all victory in dunia and akhirat with Your infinite Rahmah and Maghfirah.

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