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Sincerity Reflects A Pure Qalb (Heart)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Sincerity is a sign of doing something from the heart – ‘qalb’ for a purpose. If we are doing something, our actions has to come to fulfill a purpose from deep within us. It means, it has to come from “inside” not just on the surface….. we dont just do it for the sake of doing it but doing it for seeking the rahmah of Allah and to achieve His Redha, this is the ultimate purpose. Only actions performed with a purpose will end up with a positive outcome.

An action with Sincerity is performed without expecting anything back in return from others, it is done purely for the sake of Allah…..and the goal is only Allah’s Redha.

Sincerity is the RUH (Core) of our Ibadah, thus it has to come from our ‘qalb’. When we give all our efforts in our best way and sincerely, only then, can we achieve the best result …. for example employee of the month, the best teacher, the best student….. they give their maximum efforts for Allah sincerely, no reservations or atomic hypocrisy, thus they are the best in all their endeavors they can be! In sha Allah.

How do we know that our deeds are done sincerely? What are the signs?
Every sincere act will have a positive a result. It will come back with great success together with multiplied barakah. The best reward for the sincere act is the achievement of Allah’s redha in whatever we do; and will be rewarded abundantly from Allah in dunia and akhirat.

Anything for the matter, If we do it sincerely, we will feel light from doing the task, the task does not seem difficult or hard. If it is insincere, then we will feel the task is heavy, a burden to carry and will be such a difficult feat to do….nauzubillah min zalik.

Doing something sincere will be reflected positively in whatever we do in sha Allah…

Doing something sincerely means no questions are asked !! Why? What for? etc….

When we help some one sincerely, We do not intentionally ask for a return from the person whom we are helping… The reward will come from Allah swt, everything we do only for the sake of ALLAH swt.

We do not know whether we are sincere or not only Allah swt. knows. Whoever does it with sincerity, he realizes within himself that his action was done sincerely as he only seeks Allah’s Redha certainly not for dunia popularity not even a thanks from others is expected! Subhanallah, we will be the best person for ever that a person can be, in sha Allah.

Our only role model, beloved Prophet Muhammad ‘saw’ was a symbol of sincerity, the beloved Prophet of ALLAH swt. was always sincere in all his movements, everything he did, he did it only for the sake of ALLAH, even in whatever circumstances, in any situation; rain or shine he always did or had to do, only for the sake of Allah thus he was the best ever mankind that ever lived in this universe, SubhanAllah.

May Allah swt grant us all a sincere heart-Qalb in all our tasks in sha Allah…

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