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Cerebrating (ponder about) Covid-19 And “Stay@Home” Order

Since the lock down or movement restrictions or stay at home order that has been imposed on us in Malaysia and all over the world. The order is for our protection and for our safe keeping. It is so that we do not infect others with covid-19 and vice versa, nauzubillahimin zalik.

As always, it is a time of reflection and realization for me.

I have come to a realized conscience that according to our beloved prophet Muhammad ‘saw’, there are 5 things in life that we always take for granted such as our youth, good health, our wealth, our time and our life before our death……..

Take advantage of our young age before we get too old to do anything benefitial for the sake of Allah swt

We have taken for granted over our health all this while. We never know until an ultra microscopic virus invading our livelihood and frightened the entire world. We should be ever grateful that we are still healthy. Allah swt has made it possible through the quick action of our new government and hard work of our medical team and everyone actively on the ground. Allahu Akbar

Management of our wealth in a proper way according the sunnah of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw).
In this current situation, even our wealth may not be able to help us, as the pandemic does not care if you are rich or poor. Allahu Akhbar

We should be thankful for any spare time that have been granted to us now. We often complain we dont have time to even take a deep breath; even for myself.
This is the time to reflect on the things that we have been doing all this while. Have we been doing enough for the sake of Allah swt for us to be achieved felicity in our dunia and akhirat.
Today in this situation, many of us says boring staying at home? What a pity !!!!

Since the “stay@home” restrictions, have we utilised our time with Allah wisely????

Some Suggestions To Keep Our Time Occupied…… In Sha Allah

To Meet The Creator
Stop for a moment and think about our life of today, before we meet our Creator!
Have we been doing anything benefitial in our life before we meet our Creator….?

My dear readers, We have to strive and struggle to do whatever we can today – today itself, for the sake of Allah swt to please Him as we have to meet ALLAH swt one day, it is a certain!

At least at this very moment of virus epidemic, let us not forget to come close to ALLAH swt and strive to know more about our beloved ALLAH swt and unfailingly beg for His forgiveness and Mercy.

I have also realized that there are so many other things that we should be grateful for and should not take for granted…..

Before the covid-19 pandemic, no one noticed the value of space. We go about as we wish. We travel anywhere as we wish, no restrictions and no worries about us getting infected ad vice versa nauzubillahi min zalik.

We had been granted with the freedom of movement, Alhamdulilllah.

Maybe it is time to ponder deeply on how restrictions were made on palestenians and others who have been oppressed by human itself. The most oppressed innocent people are brutally destroyed even without they are informed why they are attacked and been killed !!!! What a strange world ??? and they are denied all the humanitarian essentials.

What a surprise! All of us are complaining now, about this small level of restriction, and some of us are still not heading the rules to curb ourselves from being ill…and not to be infected with this deadly virus.

Our relationship is not just with our family members and friends but the Most important is the relationship with Allah swt., Himself. Without this relationship we couldn’t understand Allah swt, and some misfortunate ones may tend to misunderstand about ALLAH swt, they whisper, why Allah swt does this? This question arises in the hearts of those who doesn’t know Allah swt and His power.

This is a time to repair and restore our relatioship with Allah swt. in a proper way that our beloved Nabi Muhammad saw taught us. The above Question is answered very clearly by our beloved Nabi Muhammad saw in Return To Sunnah.

The Value Of Social And Human Interaction
Humans are created with love, care and compassion.
We need to have that human interaction with one another. We are social animals, our relationship established in Love and care. We need to hug one other as a caring gesture to one another, ya ALLAH forgive us all and grant us all the compassionate life amongst us without fear.
Ya Allah eradicate this virus and all the epidemics from the world. For us to return to our compassionate friendly life.

Without knowledge, we are unable to understand how the covid-19 works and steps for prevention and why it happens. It is not the first time in the world such epidemics has happened. It has happened throughout history since when the first man prophet Adam (as )was created . We should learn from history….

Allah swt granted us pure water, Subhanallah how essential it is!
The importance of water for cleanliness. These simple things in life that we often take for granted,

Food And Other Essentials
Certain parts of the world has become scarce due to the lack of our freedom to purchase it from the supermarket. We can’t run away either from this situation …making us realize that He is able to take our rizq anytime…..ya ALLAH protect us.

We once take it for granted of its availability in the shops. Its time we ponder to those who are less fortunate than us for instance in Syria, Palestine, India, China and many other less fortunate countries in the world. Let us together share the bounties of ALLAH swt, please, let us try find who is in need and looking for our hand.

It is also a soft reminder to be thankful for our rizq and not to waste our food…..

Clean Environment And No Pollution
The world is getting ill and probably through this way, the world need its balance back! A must to re-establish it’s lost balance.

At this moment we can see that people are working from home, therefore less pollution (air pollution), noise pollution, water pollution etc… when human tends to forget the law of nature and to fail to safeguard the equilibrium created by the Creator many calamities and corruptions may appear, NaoozubilLah min zalik.

the history shows that the Human himself destroyed many laws of nature and imbalanced this universe to a turmoil : such as the Areas of low ozone above Antarctica in September 2000, left, and September 2018. The purple and blue regions are where there is the least ozone, and the yellows and reds are where there is more ozone. NASA via AP

A World With No Crimes
All illegal and illicit activities ere put on hold. Most important of all is the blessings that all illegal and haram activities such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostituting, night clubs, gambling, open concerts, robbing, stealing and all other petty crimes and many other inhumane activities has been reduced. There may still be some cases of crime but with the police and army are on the prowl, we are also in our homes thus there are less cases than before….Alhamdulilllah

We Come Together As A Community For The Sake Of Humanity.
We are one, one and only nation – Human Nation. No matter what our race or religion, the community joins together to give a helping hand to those in need….There should not be political difference in these matter. No one is above the other, we are as equals.

The more advantaged should help those less fortunate. The feeling of humanity should be strong in aiding each other…..

Please refer to my blog on Giving Alms To Others For The Sake Of Allah Is Another Substantial Part Of Our Ibadah for more depth in sha Allah

A Shift In The Economy
Almost all of the shopping malls are closed due to the Covid-19 crisis. But small supermarket shops are still operating. Without these small shops, we can still easily get our supplies like bread, eggs, milk and other basic essentials…. Allah is Ever Great. He is still giving another chance and rizq to the small shop owners where once before, we tend to go into bigger supermarkets.

Factories or shops which were once manufacturing other merchandise are now making protective suits and face masks! Subhana Allah

The Frontliners
Those we have taken for granted. The doctors, nurses, armies, police officers who are trying their very best to save us from this crisis. Not forgetting the small shopkeepers, the rubbish collectors, cleaners, grab drivers, postmen, cashiers and many more out there who are still doing their duties for the continuity of our livelihood….. Ya Allah please protect them, their families and all who are called to be the frontliners.

Allah’s Gift Of Technology During The Current Covid-19 Crisis
During these testing time, Allah gave us the gift of technology. Without technology, how are we to have our online meetings, e-classes, order our food and groceries online whilst adhering to the stay@home or social distancing order. Allahu Akhbar

Allah is the Greatest and the Most Exalted and the Most Powerful . He is all Encompassing

Whatever Allah is giving us right now is nothing compared to the oppressed quarantined people in Palestine, Syria, China, India which has been been kept away from the world due to inhumane agendas……. Let us put our palms together and plead Allah to lift this pandemic as quickly as it came. May Allah grant our supplications to Him Al-Mighty and All-Knowing and release the MUSLIMS from the concertration camps. Allahu Akhbar.

This crisis is to remind us not to take anything for granted and to let us always and unfailingly be thankful to our beloved Allah swt for whatever mercy He is giving us always. Thank you ALLAH

Also a time to reflect that when Allah swt decrees a matter, certainly it will happen and if Allah swt decrees a matter to stop it, certainly it will be stoped, just happen as KUN FA YAKOON
it will stop. Allahu Akhbar!

Through Allah’s ilham, our government are doing a good job in preventing it from spreading it futher. It is all up to us to follow the instructions strictly, in sha Allah.

Never fear, all of this will never be permanent. Nothing in this world is permanent. Everything dies with the will of the Creator Himself. We only need to perservere.
“Allah is with those who are patient”. The only one Who is permanent and will always be is; Allah our Creator…He is Al -Ahad (الاحد)The One; The Eternal and Absolute. As -Samad (الصمد)The Independent- The Eternal Refuge, Al -Awwal (الأول) and The First and Al -Aakhir (الآخر)The Last.
The almighty ALLAH

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