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We Need Allah, Allah Do Not Need Us Especially Now!

Allah swt is Eternal and absolute, He is “الصمد -Assomad” independent, every one and everything depend on Him.

As the calamity and the pandemic of the corona virus in the world today seems to escalate, the unpredictable circumstances in our lives seems to have many uncertainties too. Allahu Akbar

Many of the countries are in lock down. Most of us are in quarantine trying to contain the virus from spreading futher …..not infecting others and vice versa

During this trial and testing time, an opportunity for every one of us to reflect on our lives and especially our duties and responsibilities towards Allah swt, our Creator.

“Allah swt do not need us, we are the ones who truly need Allah swt and totally depend on Him”

Quarantine time is a time to reflect on ourselves. The plagues or calamities of such has been around since beginning of time.

This is the time that i have had the opportunity to re-read and have a better understanding of the histories of the earlier prophets and their ummah, what happened to them. This was the time before the birth of our beloved prophet Muhammad ‘saw’ himself.

History shows us that punishment and calamities such as diseases befalls during the times of transgression…. This happened during the times of many of the prophets; such as prophet Soleh (a), prophet Lut (a), prophet Musa (a) and many more …when their people turned away from Allah swt and became rebellious, attacked the prophets of Allah brutally and rejected what they have thought to them about monotheism which is to submit to Only One GOD, who is Allah. Allah swt punished them with many diseases or punishments for example plagues like the horrifiying skin disease, insects, unforgiving storms, thunderbolt, flooding and many more, Nauzubillahi min zalik

Coming to the recent events, in our world today, we are giving benefit of the doubt and afraid that, this disease could be a trail from Allah swt because the vast number of humans have forgotten their Creator and have rejected His laws, most of us have transgressed the limits established by Allah swt, humans are doing many illegal activities. Allah swt cursed the open transgression practiced by some humans such as condoning the same sex marriage, ‘lgbt’ relationships, becoming transgender and many more. These prohibitions are divinely cursed activities which has become a norm, nauzubillahi min zalik.

Our Prophet Muhammad saw feared this of his ummah as well!

This is just one of an examples of transgression that we have delibrately or undelibrately, unknowing or knowingly do. May Allah forgive us all. Subhana Allah!

Very unfortunate that people are acting deliberately as a rebellion against Allah. Whatever Allah swt prohibited -haram they made to be halal and like wise whatever halal Allah swt has made they made to be haram.

My dear readers, Only Allah swt knows! Only He knows and we don’t know anything except what He granted! Let us beg Allah swt for His infinite forgiveness and mercy that He may forgive the entire mankind and protect the world from this wabak and fithnah.

It could be Allah’s taqdir that every human must stay in their homes respectively and beg for His forgiveness and mercy to be protected from this calamity, containing further transgressions…..Subhana Allah

Kindly refer to my surahs and supplications blog, surah for the protection of negative issues is a supplication to ask for refuge in these circumstances… sha Allah

Certainly, as always every human needs Allah, that is a must! Of course at this moments every human needs to turn to Allah alone more than ever as the entire mankind is uncertain of what the future holds…. and what is happening, Allahu Akbar!

One thing i am certain, and no doubt at all that, we need to align our path to be straight, turning right into right and wrong into wrong again and have a clear “Realization Of Life Objectives” Through Aqidah…..and turn to Allah swt begging for His forgiveness and mercy, In sha Allah.

Allah swt is Ever Knowing and Seeing. Once we have righted ourselves, then inshaAllah out of His infinite Mercy and Forgiveness He will lift this covid-19 and its fithnah away from us in sha Allah….

As “Allah’s Rahmah is always above His punishment”, Ya Allah we beg for Your infinite mercy to forgive all our sins and protect us and the entire world from this wabak and fithnah.

A timely period for reflecting on ourselves…seeking for Allah’s Mercy and Forgiveness.

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