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Preparation Of Our Body, Mind And Soul For Ramadhan

The sacred month of Ramadhan or the obligatory fasting month is around the corner which means its time to do our compulsory fasting to Allah. Fasting in Ramadhan is one of the five main pillars of Islam.

Before Ramadhan reaches us, we need to have our body, mind and soul be prepared for 29/30 days of fasting for the most spiritual and sacred month of the year.

We need to understand why we are fasting….

• Fasting is for Allah, purifying our heart (qalb) and our soul
• Fasting is not just restraining from eating, drinking and lust but it is as self discipline
• Restraining from talking unnecessary subjects or topics that does not benefit us. Instead we need to constantly supplicate with the remembrance of Allah.
• Restraining ourselves from doing negative and unbenefitial things but otherwise, keeping ourselves occupied with doing things more for Allah swt

Since we are alreadry practising social distancing or stay@home which means

• We do not socialize as much therefore we are not gossiping or talking to others about things that are not benefitial for our soul…
• We try to help those who are less fortunate than us by giving them support wherever, whatever and whenever we can
• Most importantly, we are reading Al-Quranul Qareem more
• We are making more voluntary solah and QiyamulLail
• We do not eat outside food so much thus we are controlling our nafs. Therefore due to this, we are also doing our voluntary fasting during this special period….

Preparation Of Our Body

• Our body needs a break from eating or overeating in the last 11 months of the year. The month of Ramadhan is giving our stomach a much needed rest….
• Preparation of our body to set its alarm to wake up for sahur to eat before beginning our fast
• Preparation of our body to do more voluntary solah especially solah taraweeh and QiyamulLail
• Preparation of the body to eat only during the night
• Our stomach has to be prepared not to eat during the day

Preparation Of The Mind

• Our mental state has to be prepared to wake up in early hours before the fjar Solah to have our suhur…..
• Our mental state has to be prepared to have less sleep and do more submission to Allah……
• Our mind are being more conscious of other people…. by helping the less fortunate or doing an act of giving charity….

Preparation Of The Soul

Preparing our soul to be more selfless, we think of others before thinking about ourselves first

Also preparation of the soul for more…..

  • cleansing of our Qalb with supplications and reading the noble al-Quran
  • cleansing of our qalb with charity
  • cleansing of our qalb with feeling empathy towards others

All of these preparations will make sure that we can give the best to Allah swt during this special and sacred month of Ramadhan
in sha Allah…..

Ya Allah, we beg for Your infinite Mercy to grant us thoufeeq to increase our ibadah and to purify our souls in the coming sacred month of Ramadhan this to be blessed with Your Redha
in sha Allah.

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