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Just in Awe, This Kingdom Belongs To Allah

Have you ever wondered how our earth filled with 2/3 of water never spilled into the galaxy or the milky way and that our earth never stopped spinning for a second.

Have you ever wondered how our hearts never stopped beating for a nano minute even when we are in our deep sleep? Have you ever wondered how animals in the deep dark sea can survive without any form of sunlight? How the two seas meet but the two types of water never mixed, SubhanaLlah!

There are infinite wonders in this universe, Allah swt created, those are incomprehensible for our limited knowledge of mind, SubhanaLlah.

Nothing that we can do except submit wholeheartedly and humbly and welcome to Allah’s kingdom and might begging for His ever forgiveness!. It is impossible for us to count Allah’s favours on us, Glory be to You ya Allah!

Certainly, we surrender to Allah swt whole heartedly, we have no power and have nothing but always be in awe of glorifying Allah’s Power and Might!

Allah swt created all and everything the billions of galaxies that we have come to know until today ….and infinitely more …..impossible for us to know and count, humans as His poor slaves only capable of surrendering ourselves to His Greatness, Sovereignty and Kingdom, SubhanaLlah.

We, the man kind are living in a tiny piece of land, just in a tinier world of a big galaxy and yet there are billions more….. of this galaxy….. SubhanaLlah -infinite power of Allah swt.

Can we ever stop to wonder about Allah’s power! His majestic creation of this universe and everything! All of them obey and surrender to Him unfailingly as He designed.

Allah swt created all of them with a purpose and all of them are obeying His every command. Everything in this universe happen with Allah’s decree, when there is a heavy snow or thunderstorm or overwhelming heat, earthquake…. it is all due to Allah’s command and there is reason behind it, only Allah knows! Nothing will happen without Allah’s decree and command.

Whenever i hear about an extreme weather or a climate change at certain country, I know that Allah swt is commanding His makhluq-weather to do certain things, and things are happening as Allah swt has planned, only Allah knows best!

We are obligated to obey Allah’s laws and decrees. The only thing that we can do is make dua so that we are being protected from the extreme weather and ask Allah to lessen its severity, so there are no disasters due to the catastrophic weather or geographical movements…. Ameen ameeen ameeen Ya Allah.

It is our religiously prescribed duty to think and understand about the Greatness of Allah through His creations and to accept His sovereign authority over everything and all.

When we think of Allah’s  wonderful kingdom and creations, we must glorify His Greatness and beg for the forgiveness. We must submit ourselves wholeheartedly and praise Him that only Allah is all powerful, the One and Only, Who could create such a beautiful universe.

When we could understand and realize about the wonders of this universe then no sensible human can deny the truth that certainly Allah is the Creator and He is the almighty and no one else can create all these.

Realizing these tremendous wonders of the universe …once again human can reconfirm that Allah is the Creator and Omnipotent …..humans are just His weak and ever reliant servants of Him. Allahu Akbar!

Ya Allah we beg for Your infinite Rahmah and forgiveness.

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