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Pandemic – Our Punishment Or Our Paradise

The corona virus Pandemic still lingers after almost 10 months. Allah swt has not given yet the ilham to the scientists to make the vaccine. Subhana Allah! Only Allah has the Power and only He Knows!

Ya Allah we beg for Your help! Please grant the appropriate medicine and save the mankind from this pandemic.

Ya Allah Your humbling servants beg for Your infinite mercy and help. Please, ya Allah with Your Rahmah do not reject our appeal and Dua’ Ameeen ameeen ameeen ya Allah.

This situation surprises all of us! I cannot deny the fact that i am writing this article during this horrifying pandemic period, today the world is frightened.

When we read the Islamic history, we can see many kinds of pandemic and plagues that Allah befall on certain ummah as punishments. Ya Rabbal Aalameen We beg for Your forgiveness and mercy. Ya Allah, Please forgive all our sins and protect all of us from all punishments.

In front of todays’s world there is a wonderful question! Need an answer! Pandemic and Plagues are befalling on mankind as a punishment? or a reason for them to go to paradise?

The answer is very clear that Pandemic and Plagues can be either. For the believers it may be a reason to go to paradise and to those rebellious people or non-believers it may be a serious punishment. Nauzubillahiminzalik.

Why is the Pandemic or Plagues the reason for believers to go to Paradise?

For those people who have accepted Allah’s decree and taqdir, they did Dua for the protection and cure, they obeyed and strictly adhere to the laws and regulations prescribed by the authorities during the pandemic and its calamity but still they get infected and died of the pandemic, such servants of Allah will be granted the death of a shaheed (martyr). Allahu Akbar.

Therefore do not despair. To have the death of a matryr or death of a shahid is said to go to Jannah with immidiate effect without much hisab (questioning) for their voluntary acceptance of Allah’s decree, their strivings and ikhtiyar to be saved from the pandemic were not a waste or failure but are rewarded abundantly. Its like getting on a Dean’s list or getting straight A’s in the examination. SubhanAllah.

Why is it a punishment for those of the non-believers or those who disobey Allah?

At times, “Punishments” are given by Allah as a lesson, a form of transforming ourselves to be a better person and to get closer to Allah by cleansing our souls and asking for forgiveness from the Al-mighty. Allahu Akbar!

Allah is actually giving a simple test of obedience. Those who obey Allah
will be protected from the calamity in sha Allah. Those who disobey Allah will be punished NaoozubilLah.

Sometimes we question why Allah gives us calamities. The answer is simple, as long as we are on the right track, Allah will be with us all the time and all the way, and nothing to worry. That is the truth!

Ya Allah , we beg for Your mercy to forgive all of us, to protect all of us especially from this pandemic and also from falling to Your punishment for our disobedience knowingly or unknowingly.

Ya Allah let this pandemic be a lesson for the mankind to transform themselves to the right path and then to achieve felicity in dunia and akhirat.

Ya Allah we beg for Your Rahmah to make all Your decrees easy and mercy for us and ways to reach to paradise.

Ya Allah we beg for Your Rahmah to protect the mankind from severe punishments. Ameeen ameeen ameeen ya Allah

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