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Signs Of A Purified Heart

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

“All begins from the Heart. Our Heart is Our ‘Qalb’, Keep it Clean, All Of Our Intention Will Be Purified”

Our Qalb is our inner beauty. Our inner beauty is the purified heart….

Our inner beauty can only be seen by our actions….

Our purified heart should not have any ill intention towards others….

Our inner beauty is seen when we happily make dua to whom have been bestowed with rizq and we are not …..

Our inner beauty is seen when we eager to help others without expecting anything in return…..

Our inner beauty is when we do every thing only for the sake of Allah and not for anything else……

A sign of a purified heart is someone who is usually selfless, they will put others first before themselves….

In order to have a purified heart, we must constantly keep our heart -qalb in Zikrullah-remembrance of Allah at all times….

Our beloved prophet Muhammd (saw ) reported to have said that :

In keeping remembrance of Allah within us, then only we will be able to realize that nothing belongs to us. Everything belongs to Allah Subhanahuwa Ta’ala!

In another blog Topic, Surah And Supplications, My Soul Food” is especially dedicated to the remembrance of Allah and His vast Supremacy in this world and Hereafter….

May Allah grant us hidayah and thoufeeq to remember Him always….


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