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The Miraculous Birth Of Our Beloved Nabi Isa (as)

All over the world, today, is called christmas day or birth day of Jesus (Nabi Isa ‘as’). However as Muslims we do not celebrate this day as the birth Day of Nabi Isa (as). As muslims, we know that Nabi Isa (as) is Allah’s messenger and was not born on this Day.

We respect and love our non – Muslim brothers and sisters and wishes for their family happiness.

Nabi Isa (as) was given the noble book of Injil. He was born without the conception of a father, it was a miraculous birth. This is Allah’s will, as Allah the Creator, the exaltant, He can Create anything and everything including our beloved Nabi Isa (as) without the fusion of sperm from the male gender. As how Allah swt created our beloved Nabi Adam (as), Allah swt intent to Create, thus He just Created. “Kun Fa Ya KunBe And Become”

Our beloved Nabi Isa (as) or Jesus is like any other human who also ate, drank and slept as normal people did, so why do the non-believers believe in him as God? He is no different from any of us? He was not almighty to become a God! Nabi Isa or Jesus was just a human but was also Allah’s messenger. So why would a human believe in another human as God?

Our beloved Nabi Isa (as) was also a human as any other human, Nabi Isa (as) was also weak as other mankind and thus that is why he consumed food and depended on other things to survive, then how it is possible Nabi Isa (as) become a God? This is what noble Books of Allah’s Injil, and al-Qur’an have taught us.

Very unfortunate that this is one of the ways that the cursed Shaithan would want to deviate people from the Oneness of God – Tauhid, shaithan doesn’t like people believing what is truth and steadfast on straight path as taught by our beloved Nabi Isa (as) and all other beloved messengers of Allah.

Allah swt teaches us in the noble al-Quran.
In the name of Allah, the All Gracious, the All Merciful.

  1. Say, “He is Allah , the One and Only.
  2. Allah , the Absolute, the independent.
  3. He begets not, nor was He begotten.
  4. And there is nothing comparable to Him.”( Surah Al-Ikhlas)

Only Allah is almighty – God, Nabi Isa (as) is Allah’s servant and messenger, we all must believe in Nabi Isa (as) as a servant of Allah and His Messenger not as a son of God or God.

May Allah swt protect the entire mankind from the deviation of shaithan, NauzubiLlahi min zalik.

Ya Allah protect all of us from shaithanic deviations and becoming a non-believer NauzubilLah hi min zalik.

Ameeen ameen ameeen Ya Allah.

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