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Why Allah Created Jahannam?

Why Allah swt Created Jahannam for Mankind and Jinn only?

What makes us different from other makhluq?

So, what makes us unique from all other living creatures. We are after all, a living and breathing animal just like other living mammals. So, what makes us so special that Allah swt created jannah and jahannam especially to place us? Allahu Akbar.

Allah swt gave us our consciousness and the ability to differentiate between right and wrong, this is a unique Rahmah, the ability to think and act for achieving something good … and to be protected from something bad, SubhanalLah.

Thus, Allah swt gave us the noble Qur’an as our life guideline, the noble Qur’an very clearly differentiates what is right and what is wrong, Allahu Akbar.

The noble Qur’an and Assunnah act as our role model, as our guide to separate between what is truth and what is false and lead us to victory. In sha Allah.

Islam is a flawless way of life, very clearly teaches what can be done and what cannot be done, Islam is a perfect way of life, SubhanaLlah!

Allah swt created jannah and jahannam with a purpose, through these two creations we are given warning and happy news. Jannah is created only for those who obey Allah and His Messenger while jahannam is created only for those who disobey Allah and His Messenger.

Those who accept lessons from the creation of jannah and jahannam, they would able to protect themselves from falling to jahannam and are motivated to do good things to go to jannah,
Allahu Akbar.

Dear Allah, we beg for Your Rahmah for us to steadfast ourselves on straight path through Your guidance of noble Quran we beg for Your Rahmah to protect us from the hell fire,
Ameen ameeen ameeen ya Allah

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