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Never Loose Hope, Allah Are Those Who Have Faith

Your Hope in Allah swt makes a believer in you!

Those who have faith in Allah they will never loose their hope in Allah swt.

The entire world is in the midst of a real ‘azab’ from Allah swt, only ALLAH can save the mankind, Allahu Akbar!

Ya Allah we beg for Your infinite Rahmah ya Allah Please forgive all of us O our dear Allah, You are all Forgiving, You are all Merciful

Through this carastrophic pandemic, shook the entire world but the believers certainly never loose their hope in Allah swt.

Only unfortunate people, are those who do not have strong faith in Allah swt may loose their hope in Allah very easily. This may cause them to face terrible depression and mental sufferings, NauzubiLlahi min zalik.

Those who have strong faith in Allah swt, their hope in Allah swt also very strong and unshakable, whatever or however bad or horrible situations it may be, they never despair of Allah’s help, all such situations only increase their faith in Allah swt and strengthen their hope in Allah swt.

The noble Qur’an unfailingly encouraging us to have hope in Allah swt. and to ask Allah swt. for anything from the possible to the impossible, just like in the case of prophet Zakariya ‘as’. Allah swt gave him a child from his barren wife which tells us that Allah swt can create anything and everything…. Allah’s power is infinite and beyond our faculty of thoughts to imagine or guess, SubhanaAllah!

Ya Allah, grant us strong faith in You and strengthen our Hope in You

Ya Allah please do not make us to fall into the state of despair with these current pandemic issues. Ameen ameen ameeen Ya Allah

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