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What is Taqwa And How To Obtain It

Taqwa is defined in Islam very clearly. In Practicality, what I have understood taqwah is to have a strong belief in Allah swt and in His Rasul (saw), accept them, strictly obey them and adhere to all Islamic laws and traditions. Only worship Allah swt and do not make any partners to Allah swt.

Trust and Tawakkal only in Allah believing that only Allah can solve all our problems and no one else.

Taqwah! Yes, it is the actual fact of our submission to Allah swt, it is a combination of giving our full trust, having full tawakkal and submitting in total reliance in Allah and that only He can give the protection and all that we need in this world and after death.

What are the signs of a person who achieved taqwa… ?

Some of the signs of a person who achieved taqwah, first of all he takes care of his relationship with Allah; for example by
•  Give charity to those who are in need during their time of hardship , believing that Allah swt certainly reward in return when the time comes
•  Control anger during a testing time and preserve with sabar
•  Forgive who does wrong towards us
•  Always enjoin others with good and act as a defender for the sake of Allah with truthfulness

Ya Allah grant all of us thoufeeq to serve You with taqwah.

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