Sadness To Expiate Bad Deeds

Why do we feel sad? Why do we need to feel sad and why does our life has its ups and downs.

For most of us, the believers – Allah swt will give sadness in our heart through pain, loss or being hurt from others. These pain or sadness is to expiate our sins and make us remember Allah swt more. Without pain or a certain loss we tend to forget ourselves and our Creator, but having gone through a certain loss or grief in our lives for example, loss of a loved ones or even loss of a job makes us remember Allah swt, so we may could value the favors of Allah swt that we have been blessed with, especially in this current covid-19 crisis.

In the remembrance of Allah swt, let us beg Allah swt for His forgiveness and increase whatever righteous deeds possible. It could be one of the ways that Allah may afflict upon His servants to expexiate their sins when the good deeds are not enough. Allahu Akbar.

Only Allah swt Knows the reasons why we are inflicted with sorrows and sufferings ….may be when we experience sadness or pain, we tend to be more humbling towards others and by being humble towards others, we submit ourselves to Allah swt.

Dear Allah, we beg for Your infinite mercy to forgive all of us.

Ya Allah please do not punish us for whatever we have committed against Your decrees.

Ya Allah we beg You for Your Rahmah for us to be granted strength and sabar that we can bear whatever sorrows or sufferings we are in today. May all these be transformed as good for us, in return for eternal happiness in jannatul firdause. Ameen ameeen ameeen ya Allah. 🤲🤲🤲

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