Why We Are Being Tested With Sickness And Sufferings – Only Allah swt Knows The Hiqmah

When there is a sickness or pain, definitely there is a cure. Allah swt has taught us that He has reason for inflicting of any sickness or pain, Allah swt also promises that He created cure, solutions or medicines, Allah swt is the curer of all sickness, sufferings and pain.

Today, the world is in pain and no where nearing or getting any cure or any news of any vaccination for the vicious covid 19 virus. It does not seem to be lessening or even subsiding even a tinge bit. Subhana Allah. Only Allah know the reason for this…. In sha Allah let us beg Allah the almighty to grant us the proper solution and cure.

Only Allah Knows the reason why He inflict this fear, pain and suffering on the mankind? Especially upon His weak servants?

We do not know the exact reason only Allah knows but we can assume that some time through fear and sufferings we may …..

Ya Allah, we beg for Your infinite Mercy and forgiveness to eradicate this dangerous virus away from Your humble servants.

Ya Allah, we beg for Your forgiveness, ya Allah we are Your weak servants and often forgetful.

Ya Allah, with Your infinite Rahmah Please give us the right solution and cure for this COVID-19 sickness.

Ya Allah, this COVID-19 virus is as much Your creation as much as we are Your humble creation… Please shower Your highest, largest and deepest depth of infinite Mercy upon all of us, for us to saved from this pandemic.

Ya Allah we have no one to turn except You ya Allah.

We are begging and pleading to You, Ya Allah! Please rescue all of us and protect all of us and the entire mankind – all of them are Your slaves, from the fithnah and musibah of Covid-19 and from all other disturbances.

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