Whether Allah Accepts Our Deeds or Not? Our Main Concern

When our intentions are sincerely only for Allah, then all our doings are transformed as amal solih, acceptance of all our deeds are just as important as ibadah for Allah to be able to achieve His Redha, Allahu Akbar.

I have never wondered if i will ever reach Jannah but i often wodered if Allah will accept whatever i have done for Him.

My thoughts are always on how all my doings are in order to the sunnah of our beloved Nabi (saw) that Allah may accept them.

We will never know about all our doings and acts and what would the outcome be? The best that we can do is always make our dua towards Allah that He may accept whatever we are doing for Him.

I would always communicate to our Allah every day that i am an “insan” or person created with weakness and with full of imperfections so i will always beg Allah to forgive my weaknesses and also accept whatever i could submit and give to Him on that day and the same the next day and so forth.

This is my consolation for myself that we will never know if Allah accepts but with a sincere qalb we will always think that He will maqbul as He is ever Merciful, and that our intention is for Allah and thus our actions will also be only for Allah!

Only when i beg for Allah’s Rahmah and forgiveness and hope for Allah’s acceptance, redha and rahmah, my heart finds its calmness, Allahu Akbar.

Dear Allah we beg for Your infinite mercy and forgiveness

We beg You to accept whatever we could submit for You and forgive all our shortcomings.

We beg You to forgive all our sins whatever we have done knowingly, unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally minor or major with Your Rahmah ya Allah

Allahu Akbar…..! Ameeen ameeen ameeen ya Allah.

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