Rabbi ul awaal : Blessed With The Birth Of Our Beloved Nabi Muhammad اللهم صل وسلم على سيدنا محمد واله وصحبه اجمعين Our Greatest Influencer!

Rabiulawwal, the third Islamic calender is a month of light and celebration of our mind, body and soul as our beloved nabi Muhammad (saw) was born in this blessed month. Allahu Akbar.

Allah swt created him (saw) as a Mercy for all mankind. Subhana Allah. He (saw) was created from Allah’s Noor (light)!

We are blessed indeed to have him (saw) as our guide and our role model to follow. What a blessing! that we have been granted with a Role model, for all of us to follow and to immitate, sent by Allah Himself! Allahu akbar.

Allah swt chose our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) and nabi Muhammad (saw) birth was in the most sacred family and tribe. Our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) came from a respected liniage of Allah’s Kahleel Nabi Ibrahim (as) and Nabi Ismail (as).

He came from a respectable and honourable background. Allah swt created him as our role model, mentor and as the real influencer for all mankind and jinn!

He (saw) was an only child from Abdullah (ra) and Aminah (ra). Both his parents were believers and pious people according to their time. He was not brought up in a traditional family way like most of us because he was an orphan at the age of 6, the age when his mother return to her Creator and he also never met his father because his father also return to his Creator when our beloved Nabi (saw) was in his mother’s womb. He lost both parents at a very tender age and was brought up by his grandfather Abdul Mutalib and then his uncle, Abu Talib. May Allah swt reward them all.

During his childhood he had a very testing life and learned a lot about life by shepherding goats. He grew up with little or nothing. They lived in hardship but our beloved Nabi (saw) never complained. In fact his aim was to only fulfill Allah’s wishes, our Creator. All these were planned by Allah swt. and He has a reason, SubhanalLah.

Our beloved Nabi’s (saw) life, teachings and guidance are a role model for billions of humans in this world. Our beloved Nabi (saw) and his personality is a Rahmah – Mercy of Allah to the entire universe, living and non- living creatures, mankind irrespective of religion, color, race, nationality, geography and demography.

Whoever loves peace on earth loves our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw). Whoever strive to achieve Allah’s Redha will follow His beloved Nabi Muhammad( saw) ways. In sha Allah.

Ya Allah we beg You in this blessed month of Rabiul Awwal, You gave birth to Your most beloved Nabi our beloved Muhammad(saw) to bless all of us with Your Rahmah and Barakah by the barakah of Your beloved Nabi Muhammad(saw)

Ya Allah grant all of us thoufeeq to accept the sunnah of Your beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw)

Ya Allah let our life style be the sunnah of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) and grant us thoufeeq to understand the ways of our beloved nabi Muhammad (saw) and to imitate strictly as our ultimate role model.

Ameen ameeen ameeen ya Allah.

A special blog has been dedicated to our beloved nabi Muhammad (saw), @ ReturnToSunnah.com

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