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Leadership Begins From Home

Have we ever wondered why we are placed on earth? I always wondered why? But after many articles written for this blog itself, Allahamdulilllah i finally know why i am here.

We are placed here on earth so we can make a difference or change for the better in this world.

The more we can change for the better, it will give more satisfaction for us in sha Allah. It is a amazing that diffferent people are given different responsibilities, tasks or work in this world, every one of us are given amanah respectively.

We are either born to be fathers, mothers, sons or daughters. That is an entrusted “Amanah” itself.

We are here to be inherited the role model of Allah’s beloved Nabi (saw), and thus, to become role models to others through the given duties – assignments.

Our given assignments in our life defines who we are. Some are destined to be business men, leaders, politicians, doctors, nurses, academicians, teachers, engineers, scientists, and some are destined to be rich and some are poor. Nonetheless, the truth is that we all are working for Allah.

Allah Created all of us with different amanah – assignments and all of us are leaders in our respective fields.

A father is given a responsibility to lead a family, wife and children. The wife is also given a responsibility to lead the children just like the father would. Thus, leadership begins from home Allahu Akbar!

Thus, parents play an essential part in building a happy family. Parents are entrusted with great responsibility and accountability with the guidanance of aqidah to maintain a healthy family, this is a strong leadership indeed!

Every one of us are given leadership, this leadership leads to fulfill the responsibility, which we must carried with amanah. Subhana Allah.

These responsible fathers and mothers would then teach their children to become leaders and to fulfill their given responsibilities.

If we have not been taught about responsibilities on earth; therefore some of us may have the difficulty to understand being responsible and accountable for our actions. If we are unable to carry our responsibilities, it will become difficult for us to understand being accountable for all our actions nauzubillahiminzalik.

May Allah swt lead us to responsible and accountable inviduals for Allah.

Ya Allah grant all of us thoufeeq to study, understand and follow sunnah Nabi (saw) in our life Ameeen ameeen ameeen ya Allah

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