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Give Full Tawakkal In Allah, As We Only Depend On Allah.

Strive firmly to achieve our goal through the confidence of Tawakkal in Allah for Allah’s help.

Tawakkal in Allah means we are leaving everything to Allah, the disposer of all affairs.

However, Islam teaches us that first of all, in the name of Allah we have to work hard and together we leave – Tawakkal everything in Allah!

A strong faith in Allah only begins when we act upon Allah’s decrees and wishes which is the main core of Islam which is our shahadah.

Shahadah Is Not Just A Proclamation But Our Main Ibadah Towards Allah As Muslims. It is a declaration to Allah that we only depend on him! This is a meaningful communication. Only then can we give our full tawakkul to Allah.

When you have tawakkal in your heart, we get closer to Allah, we dont have the need to feel worry or anxious as we leave everything to Allah. Only He can do and no one else have the power to do so….

Those who have accepted faith and realized its realm through tawakkal are true believers, those who do not have solemnized the truth of faith certainly can not realize the message of tawakkal and so they are non believers in the realm of true Iman.

The believers will have taqwa, tawakkal and yakeen instilled within them, so for them everything would be easy as the help of Allah is a certain.

Allah will give us what we need sufficiently but at the same time, strive hard for it ……Once we have worked hard for it, so there should be any need of worries in sha Allah.

For example, we need to sit for a very difficult exam. We cannot just tawakkal in Allah in order to get good grades but we need to study hard before sitting for the exam. After having studied so hard, then only can we give our full tawakkal in Allah and ask for the best in sha Allah.

A beautiful example, our prophet (saw) unfailingly had a very strong tawakkul to Allah, however our nabi did not wait for the help from Allah but he would strive hard first, thus was his way to spread Islam for the sake of Allah.

Our nabi Muhammad (saw) was always protected from anything harmful that came his way. He was protected from being killed by the jewish people and those who were against him. Allah will protect those who will go out of their way for the sake of Allah swt.

Similarly in the history of Prophet Ibrahim (as) when Allah swt protected him from being burned in the fire. Nabi Ibrahim (as) show to the world his unshakable faith and unique strength of Tawakkal in Allah.

When Nabi Ibrahim (as) committed with his faith- steadfastness in Allah through his tawakkal, full sacrifice and imaan, Allah saved him from the burning fire of Namrud. Subhana Allah! Allahu Akbar.

These are examples of striving hard and having a strong faith and tawakkul in Allah.

Allah will open to us unexpected avenues for us to be protected and to be helped through many unimaginable ways. Subhana Allah!

May Allah give us thoufeeq to strive hard for Him and give our full tawakkal to Allah. Ameeen ameeen ameen ya Allah.

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