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Allah Is The Bearer Of Time

Ever felt that sometimes time seems to stand still and sometimes it really seems to be cathing up upon us and clocking really fast. Allahu Akbar

This because Allah swt Himself is time. He can make night turn into day and day into night. This is clear evidence indeed that Allah himself is time!

For example in Suratul kahf. Allah swt teaching us that the believers had slept for more than 310 days in the cave but they felt that they slept only a few days and never felt hunger or thirst. They never had bed sore after sleeping such a long time. Allah swt had protected them and made it feel like a few days only. Subhana Allah

Similarly in the story of Uzair in suratul Baqarah verse 259, he was sleeping for 100 years but felt only 1 day. When he woke up, every one around him grew old and died. He asked Allah out of curiosity if Allah could restore those who have died whilst he slept. Allah restored a dead donkey that used to be his way of carriage as it were before. Allah certainly showed him that for surely Allah can. Subhana Allah!

Dear Allah please give us the time to do our maximum ibadah towards You ya Allah. Please do not let us waste our time without doing anything for You, ya Allah. Let our time and ibadah be for you only ya Allah. Ameeen ameeen ameeeen ya Allah.

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