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When Allah Prohibits Us From Eating Some Things, Allah Is Being Merciful To Us

During this period of coronovirus calamity, i now realized that why Allah prohibits us and refrains us from eating certain food….which are Haram food and Muslims are only permitted to eat Halal food.

According to the available information Corona virus was discovered from either bats or the pangolin. Only Allah swt knows the truth.

It was clearly seen when the Wuhan market reopened again last few weeks ago that China’s second wave of corona virus started to remerge. The market sold many exotic food which Muslims have been prohibited to eat.

My previous blog “Allah The Creator of Everything and for a Purpose” exactly elaborates that He creates everything for a reason and with a purpose but only known to Him, with our given knowledge we may consider that some of them were created to balance our ecological system but still we do not know the exact purpose. For instance, without the existence of the top of the food chain like lions, tigers, there would be too many grazing animals which will eat up all our greens and there would be not enough greens to give the earth enough oxygen for us to breathe. The predetors keeps our earth balanced.

Some animals like pangolin eat ants and termites to balance our earth so our earth would not be infested by ants and termites. The termites and ants exist to eat up dead trees and dead animals. If they were not created to eat the dead trees or animals, new plants would not be able to breathe new life as the forest will be covered by dead wood and infested by dead animal bodies. Allahu Akbar. Allah is Greatest! Everything have been created for a specific reason.

Some of the known benefits are for us to enjoy our earth as is and to have an ecological balance and not for us to consume everything or anything as food according to our desire. Just like pigs were created to eat secretion of theirs or others so that there are less or no waste on earth. The animal was created no different than a live trash bin. And there are some of us who consume it as food? Nauzubillahi min zalik. May Allah swt protect us from such situations.

There are many reasons why Allah swt prohibited certain animals as our food. Among the human consumptions; certainly Allah prohibited alkhabeets (dirty-bad) and permitted Thoyyiban (good- beneficial). There are many reasons behind those prohibitions and permissions, we do not know, only Allah Knows, we can’t depend on science or logic to explain the reasons.

When Allah prohibits the mankind from eating certain animal meat, food and drinks and included them among the categories of alkhabeets-dirty, there are many reasons behind the prohibition, only Allah Knows, of course dirty food will bring a lot of side effects so the prohibitions could be to protect us from many diseases such as the covid-19 and other illness that may come from prohibited animals.

Ya Allah protect us from all kinds deviations and save the entire mankind with proper knowledge and guidance.

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