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Allah swt., The Creator Of Everything And For A Purpose

Allah swt creates all the time. Allah swt and His actions are uncomparable. He is also the reason for all the reasons.

This is by far, my most favourite topic, Allah swt THE CREATOR.

Allah swt created me, Allah swt is also the One Who created you and everything that we can see with our naked eyes and even invisible to our naked eyes such as the COVID-19 virus and many more. Allah swt is The Ultimate Creator! The almighty, Subhana Allah.

Allah swt created us from nothing to something that we are today. Allahu Akbar.

Allah swt also ‘recreate’ and ‘resurrect’ every one of us even after we have disintergrated into the earth.

I love watching the ‘National Geographics’ and the many discoveries that the scientists often find. A particular discovery was made when the scientists find life in the distant depth of the sea where nothing seems to live but still scientists were shocked to find that some anemone seems to be thriving where there is no sunlight and in very extreme weather conditions which supposedly nothing can live there but Allah swt The Creator created it. Masha Allah

And suprisingly in recent sceintific studies, the scientist are discovering new research that the anemones, deep in the sea, may be a cure for the corona virus infection; however these are still in the preliminary stage. If Allah swt wills it, there may be a cure for it. Only Allah knows!

Allah swt creates all and everything all the time, as He wishes, He creates everything with a reason and for a purpose, only He knows.

Ya Allah grant all of us Your Rahmah

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