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More Salvation In The Month Of Shawwal

The sacred month of Ramadhan has left us with a feeling of remorse and full of sorrow … with its infinite blessings and rewards that only Allah can bestow upon us. Ya Allah we beg You to grant us thoufeeq to welcome our next Ramadhan soonest with full of sihat wal aafiyyah. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeeen!

This year, the sacred month of Ramadhan left us with a legacy of ever living TAQWAH and God remembering conscience, Alhamdulillah.

In sha Allah, Allah swt out of His infinite Mercy, after Ramadhan, will grant all of us the blessed thoufeeq to lead a life with full of remembrance of Allah and with its infinite rewards. A life with a purified Qalb, our ALLAH swt is all Merciful, SubhanaAllah.

After this sacred month of Ramadhan left us, is the blessed joyous month of Shawwal, Allah swt is still giving us more thoufeeq to be blessed with more rewards through the prescribed ibadahs of Shawwal.

For example, Optional Fasting in the month of Shawwal for 6 days, is equal to fast a whole year and would be rewarded accordingly
Allahu akhbar, what a Rahmah of ALLAH ! can you imagine the rewards…..SubhanaAllah.

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