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Ramadhan Transformation : Purified Heart Personify The Purified Soul

Our body will function appropriately when our heart is sound! Our heart or the heart is just a piece of meat; however this essential machine controls every part of our body….! It pumps our blood throughout our whole body. It even circulates to the end of our fingertips. This is the main function of our physical heart. If our physical heart does not work as it should, we will be having serious health issues, Nauzubillahi min zalik.
Hence when our heart is healthy, our physical being will be just as healthy!

If we define further we can see that, our physical body has a heart, our spiritual being or our soul also has a heart, which is our qalb. Our qalb controls our spiritual movement….it controls our subconscious thoughts, words and actions…..

If our ‘qalb’ doesn’t control our subconscious thinking with the guidance of proper knowledge, then we are unable to differentiate the rights and the wrongs in our words, thoughts and actions….!

Without distinguishing the right and wrong subconscious thinking, we are unable to realize between what can be done or cannot be done in our words, thoughts and actions…. thus resulting in an unhealthy qalb (heart). The unsound heart will always be unhappy with their surroundings, unhappy with Allah’s decree, constantly complaining, they are never grateful, thankful or satisfied with Allah’s rahmah and blessings……. These are the signs of an unhealthy ‘qalb’! Nauzubillahiminzalik!

Needless to say; our qalb (heart) needs to be nourished too, so our spiritual health or our soul can be just as healthy. In sha Allah…..

To be doing so, we need to cleanse our qalb (spiritual heart) by feeding our ‘qalb’ with good healthy spiritual food. This can be done by submitting ourselves to Allah totally, always be in remembrance of Allah, abide in His bidding, whatever that makes Allah happy with our being in sha Allah….

When our qalb is beautiful, it will be personified on the outside, in the way we speak, in our mannerisms and especially in our adab and akhlaq. Ever heard of an english saying “he or she has beautiful soul, so kind etc….”. This is exactly what it means – beautiful qalb exemplifies a beautiful soul!

The fasting month of Ramadhan is for us to cleanse our physical being as well as cleansing our spiritual health which is our qalb (heart). This is so we can be a better invidual in evaluating our words, thoughts and action according to the “realization of life’s objectives” through aqidah.

The sacred month of Ramadhan is our opportunity for us to cleanse our qalb (heart) from any black disease that can infest and destroy our qalb from being pure and clean….

The sacred month of Ramadhan is for us to purify our qalb (heart) to be pure and clean just like a baby’s heart. Babies and young children are innocent, they do not feel greed, jealousy, backbiting others and other negative issues that sometimes the adults have to go through. (This is due to the syateen’s whisperings to do anything but good). Ramadhan is our time to do just that! Cleanse our qalb from the syateen’s bad whisperings that can deviate us from being righteous and will darken the qalb. Once we have transformed all the negativity to more positivity from our inner heart thus this is when the nur of Allah can come in and we are able to evaluate the right and wrongs in our lives and brighten and lighten our heavy qalb from having hatred and discontentment towards others and our surrounding environment.

Subhana Allah! How beautiful our heart is. This is probably how our heart looks like after it has been cleansed from any blood and other impurities.

A cleansed qalb can be seen in our speech, our actions, our adab and akhlaq……

A cleansed heart (qalb) will have these characteristics :

• they are often at peace and at ease with themselves. Other people may hurt them but they will still be at peace with others… our beloved prophet Muhammmad ‘saw’ in the Taif incident when Allah could just crush the city with Allah’s will but our prophet ‘saw’ asked Allah to give them a second chance. Allahu Akhbar!

• will always feel thankful to Allah no matter what the situation is. A beautiful example of this is prophet Ayub ‘as’. Allah gave him everything, health, wealth, and everything good, and at the same time Allah tested him with taking them all back. Yet he always thought good of Allah and eventually Allah’s mercy rises above all else, prophet Ayub (a) was restored what he once had. Subhana Allah!

• will always be positive towards Allah and His decree. Never complaining

• will always think positive of others no matter what the situation may be…

• will perform Allah’s ibadahs with no heaviness and no difficulties, they will be performed without any delay or with many excuses

• will not have any grudges or discontented feeling for others

• will have more patience and redha with the decree of Allah be it good or bad

• will always put Allah first and what pleases Him before anyone else’s, will only be thinking of Allah’s judgement, Allah’s decree and only Allah’s redha and not put any importance on what others think about them. Their words, thoughts and actions will purely be for the cause of Allah ‘swt’.

• they are selfless and will always be thinking of others first before themselves in terms of adab and akhlaq, by being considerate and responsible towards others, by giving a helping hand etc…

• will have a forgiving heart no matter how hard to forgive a person (a strong charctered person is only seen when the person can forgive others sincerely……

• will be sincere in what ever he or she does, for sincerity reflects a pure qalb (heart).

Not only will it be reflected in our adab and akhlaq, when our qalb (heart) is healthy, Allah swt will grant our supplications with ease…… in sha Allah and will be granted Allah’s redha and rahmah because Allah swt looks at our heart and not at our physical being…..

May the month of Ramadhan not only cleanse our body physically but our hearts too so it will be pure and clean.

A healthy heart physically belongs to a healthy qalb spiritually….in sha Allah

Rozana Zeti

Everything begins from the qalb (heart). Take good care of our inner heart and the rest will be just as healthy in sha Allah

Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeen ya Allah

Ya Allah grant us a pure heart and bless us with Your Rahmah

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