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Shafa’a Of The Noble Al-Quran And Fasting In Ramadhan

The noble al-Quran and the Fasting in the sacred month of Ramadhan will be our intercession or shafa’a in the Day of judgement for those of us who has performed these two ibadah sincerely for Allah swt.

Alhamdulillah, ALLAH swt is ever loving and beneficient of His servants and showers on every one of us His infinite mercy by many ways, no doubt that the believers are grateful by all means.

The believers are rewarded not only for performing their ibadah of fasting and reading of the noble al-Quran but also they are granted the most blessed gift of shafa’a or intercession by the noble al-Quran and our fasting in the sacred month o f Ramadhan in the day of judgement, SubhanaAllah….

Certainly, Allah swt is greatest and He is all Merciful, in this universe, all of Allah’s creations survives and their lives are blessed with His infinite Mercy and Compassion.

Ya Allah we beg for Your Forgiveness for all our wrong doings of past, present and future with Your infinite Mercy and we beg for Your protection from the hell fire and punishments.

Ya Allah we beg You to accept our fasting and recitation of the noble al-Quran! We strive to read as much as we can sincerely for You Allah!

Ya Allah we beg You to include all of us among those who are blessed with the shafa’a of noble al-Quran and the sacred Ramadhan Fasting in the Day of judgement. Ameeen Ya Rabbil Alameen

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