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Read With Our Body, Mind And Soul – The Message Of Nuzul ul Quran!

Our great manual and directives was sent down in this blessed month as our guidance……The noble Al-Quran! The flawless Book of Guidance for the entire mankind for all the Time.

The noble Quran was sent down to our prophet Muhammad (saw) through the angel Jibrael (a). The Al-Quranul Kareem was sent down to be learned, taught, understood and practiced, so we can lead a successful life in this world and the hereafter

Reading is an Ibadah in Islam. Read or Iqra – A divinely Command was the first verse that was revealed to our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) in the noble al- Quran.

Through proper Reading and Understanding only the mankind can gain the true knowledge and true education.

However the reading must take place within our body, mind and soul.

Similarly when we read the noble al-Quran, it has to be read with clear understanding…..then only we are able to “realize the unrealized…..!” by the mercy of Allah swt.

A clear example of this is when we study the science subjects or math subject, the teacher will ask us to practice what we have learned so we can understand and apply to the real world of practice.
So in the practical world, they could create the body of the knowledge, through what the mind and soul experienced from the teachings of the class and understanding the lesson through reading.

Similarly with the noble Quran, we need to practice what is taught to us with our body, mind and soul in order to gain Allah’s redha in this world and the hereafter!

Reading with Body
Reading with our body means, while reading, we must apply our body parts, especially our eyes to run the process of reading smoothly and support the brain and intellectual faculties to understand what we have read.

We have to concentrate with our body in obeying the laws of Allah and His decrees, as reading is an Ibadah.

Reading with Mind
Whatever we read, we must read it with our mind, it means we are reading it with the understanding, realizing through our conscious and witnessed by our subconscious mind.

For instance while we read a chapter from this blog, which talks about realization of life’s objectives” through aqidah Islamiah, during the reading itself, the meaning or the message of that chapter, must be reflecting on ourselves so that we would be able to reform our akhlaq according to what we have read and understood, thus to be blessed with Allah’s Redha.

Reading with Soul
Reading with our soul means to read with the presence of our body and mind. This is to fulfill our life’s objectives in the learning and understanding the surahs or chapters in the noble Quran itself.

Reading with the presence of our body and mind will be reflected in our soul……….!

Reading the noble al-Quran with understanding the meaning is a special ibadah, what we understood from the noble alQura’n has to be applied with our body and mind thus reflecting in our soul. Without applying body, mind and soul to the reading, the meaning of the message will not be understood and remain unrealized. Therefore the reading is for nought. NaoozubilLahi minzalik

There are many types of readers. Most of the readers do not reflect from what they are reading, this is because they are reading it without understanding the message, these readers are reading without the presence of their mind. Only those who apply reading with their body, mind and soul will be reflective in what they have read. This can be clearly seen when they act on what the noble Quran teaches them.
In sha Allah!

What is the importance of reading with our soul?

Reading with our soul will bring a deeper meaning to our lives and :
• will bring enlightment of getting ourselves closer to Allah swt
• will take us from the darkness to Allah’s light or Noor
• will bring peace and calmness to our hearts
• will make us a knowledgeable person when it comes to making the right decision in sha Allah
• will guide us to be the best person through education and knowledge.

Ya Allah grant us thoufeeq to Read more for You with deeper understanding and bless us with more beneficial knowledge. Ameeen Ya Allah!

Not only reading is an ibadah, reading and understanding the al-Quran is a unique sunnah!

Please refer to my Surah And Supplications, My Soul Food blog for the Supplication for Increament Of Knowledge.

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