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Infinite Rewards For Those Giving Charity In The Month Of Ramadhan

For most of us, giving money in the form of charity is a real sacrifice of the soul……thus the reason why Allah swt encourages us to do it during the sacred month of Ramadhan. It is also part of cleansing of our souls towards getting close to Allah swt.

Ramadhan is a blessed month in which Allah will reward us immensely when we do charity for the sake of Allah swt and especially when we give it generously and sincerely. There are many hadiths to suport this!

  1. The sacred month of Ramadhan is an honorable, and the rewards for generosity are multiplied in it. The beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) reported to have said:

“The best charity is that given in Ramadhan.” (Tirmizi)

  1. As a support to encourage those who are fasting.
    Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) reported to have said:

“He who feeds a fasting person will gain the same reward as he will, without decreasing from the fasting person’s rewards.” [Ahmad].

The fasting person abandons food and drink in Ramadhan. Thus, when he gives others what he is craving for, this sacrifice would generate greater rewards, Allah willing.

  1. Ramadhan is the month of giving and mercy, and in it Allah blesses the believers with forgiveness and being saved from Hellfire. Therefore, whoever is merciful and giving in Ramadhan, Allah will be even more Merciful and Giving, and will bestow upon him countless bounties and blessings.

The beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) reported to have said : “Allah swt said, spend on charity o son of Adam, and i shall spend on you”

  1. Joining between fasting and giving charity leads to entering Paradise.

The beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) reported to have said:

“In Paradise there are rooms that their inside can be seen from outside and outside can be seen from inside.” He was asked, “For whom are these rooms, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “They are for he who soften his speech, feeds the people, continues to fast, and prays at night while the people are asleep.” [Ahmad].

All these righteous acts take place in Ramadhan, for in it there are fasting, prayer at night, and charity. Also, the fasting person is sternly prohibited from evil and useless speech. Thus, performing all these deeds and attaining such unique bounties can be easily attained during Ramadhan by the fasting person.

  1. Charity and fasting are a stronger and more effective barrier that will keep the person away from the Fire. As for fasting, the beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) reported to have said

“Fasting is a shield and protection from Hellfire” [Ahmad].

He (saw) also said regarding charity, “Charity extinguishes the sin just as water extinguishes the fire. The man’s prayer late at night has the same effect.”

The rewards for being generous in this month especially for the sake of Allah swt will be infinite. Especially when we are doing charity willingly and sincerely, certainly no doubt that sincerity reflects a pure qalb (heart).

May Allah accept our charity or sadaqah, cleanse our soul to be purified with the more that we give and to give us more thoufeeq to give more and more…… Ameeen

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