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Ramadhan Is Here And The Many Rewards That Come With It!

Ramadhan is the most sacred and spiritual month in our islamic calender. This is the month that our noble AlQuranul Qareem was revealed to our beloved prophet Muhammad saw.

This is a truly blessed month in that the doors of hell are closed and the doors of heaven remain opened for the whole of 29/30 days of Ramadhan (depends on the sighting of the new moon).

There are infinite bounties of ALLAH swt wihich will be showered on us during the fasting month!

• Waking up for suhur and reciting the supplication for intention to fast. There is barakah in sahur because angels will be taking our dua up to the heavens. We can ask Allah swt for anything during the time of sahur within Allah’s Redha, in sha Allah, especially asking Allah swt for forgiveness and asking Allah swt to accept all our ibadah in sha Allah.

Supplication for breaking fast. There is a special barakah in supplicating dua of Iftar just before breaking fast.
This is the most appropriate time to make any dua that we want…….. for example asking for good health, more rizq, for forgiveness and many more. Similarly for the time we have our suhur. The angels will be there ready to carry our supplications and wishes up to Allah swt so it can be granted immediately. SubhanaAllah

• The 29/30 days will be filled with supplication to Allah swt and reading and understanding the Al-Quranul Kareem. Its a unique sunnah!. This is the most barakah time to do so. Fasting and supplicating to Allah swt all day and night.

Every word of Allah swt or (kalamullah) will be rewarded with 70 times or more than the normal days. Even just say or remember the exalted name of -Allah – is multiply rewarded or more. Imagine if we were to mention or remember 100 times the exalted name of Allah, it will be 70 times 100 multiplied. Reading the AlQuranul Kareem will be rewarded abundantly as alQuranul Kareem revealed in the sacred month of Ramadhan

• Days of Ramadhan spent on giving charity to those in need will be rewarded 70 times or more than normal days. Isn’t it a reward worth spending for?!!!

• Those who feed others who are fasting will be rewarded with the same reward as those who are fasting. Image if you gave iftar (breaking fast) for 100 people, those 100 people’s reward will be granted for you as well. Isn’t Allah great?!!!!

• The voluntary solah Taraweeh after solah Isha. SubhanalLah I love this blessed Taraweeh prayer because this only happens once a year. My husband and i would often go to the masjids for the congregational solah but Allah is ever knowing, we can still be reviving solah in congregation in our house. Allahu Akbar.

• The voluntary solah Tahajjud or qiamullail during the 1/3 part of the night just before we have our sahur will also be rewarded extensively. Allahu Akbar!

• Performing voluntary solah Taubah whenever we can. Asking for Allah to forgive our past, present and future sins unknowingly, knowingly, unintentionally, intentionally!

• Performing solah Tasbih once in a lifetime is another voluntary solah that will expiate our sins in sha Allah.

Even doing a simple task or even going to work or school for the sake of Allah will be rewarded in plenty in sha Allah. Especially now, the health workers and all the front liners working hard to make sure that the corona virus is contained. The rewards will be tenfold. Allahu Akhbar!

All of the above are just our voluntary ibadah for this month. Our obligatory ibadah has to be fuilled first for us to get the maximum rewards from Allah in sha Allah.

The bounties of Allah swt are infinite and in abundance especially during this blessed month of Ramadhan. From the moment we wake up from sleep to the night just before we go back to sleep. Subhana Allah.

So which part of the day or night during ramadhan that is not being rewarded?
Allahu Akbar!

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