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Giving Alms To Others For The Sake Of Allah Is Another Substantial Part Of Our Ibadah

In our submission to Allah swt. there are 2 types of ibadah:

Ibadah Solely For Allah, Obeying His Decrees (HabluminaAllah) and submit to ALLAH according to His prescription.

Ibadah In obeying the decrees of Allah for safeguarding the dignities, fulfilling the rights of others and helping them for the sake of Allah swt (Habluminnas).


This is our Ibadah solely to Allah swt, our solitary ibadah (Fard al-Ayn) that we have to submit individually or collectively to Allah swt. This is often our compulsory and obligatory ibadah that we have to perform to Allah swt.

For example
• Doing our compulsory 5 times solat a day,
• Fasting 29/30 days during the month of Ramadhan…..
• Reading the Noble Qura’n and understanding it….
• Paying the zakat
• Performing haj pilgrimage once in a lifetime if they able to afford it

Through all these individually obligated Ibadah for Allah swt, if we humans have submitted with full of sincerity, the ibadah could cleanse our souls and become obedient servants of ALLAH swt.

Sincerity a Must !

• Ya Allah Forgive all of us and grant us a qalb that is sincere, for sincerity reflects a pure qalb in submitting ourselves to You
• Let us strive and reform ourselves for the sake of Allah swt
• Let us surrender totally and give our full submission to Allah swt
• Let us beg Allah swt for the best of health, protection, and for more rizk and wealth so that we can give more for the sake of Allah swt!

HABLUMINANAS (Fard al-Kifayah):

A Muslim’s entire life is submission to ALLAH swt. Ibadah to Allah swt does not stop in just fulfilling Fard al-Ayn (solitary obligation). Fard al-Kifayah (communal obligation) which is helping others in dire situation are also considered our ibadah for the sake of Allah…

Obeying the decrees of ALLAH swt to safeguard the dignities and rights of other fellow human beings, especially during this epidemic situations by providing Humanitarian Aid to those in dire situation.

Examples of this sort of ibadah or fard al-kifayah are many such as

• Helping others to ease their situation…..
• Helping a person to clean a deceased body
• Helping the family bury the deceased.
• Helping and providing food for the animals
• Helping stray cats, stray dogs, animals in the zoo are also an act of humanity, and many more.

It is clearly visible now when doctors, nurses and many of the front liners work to help in giving and sustaining the lives as best as they can, safeguarding the community, providing food and all the necessary duties that is needed to keep the continuity of the community, even at the cost of risking their lives so that the corona virus can be contained from futher spreading. All these acts of humanity are the core of our ibadah as muslim brothers and sisters. Subhana Allah.

These act of humanity are especially crucial during this catastrophic corona virus.

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking the doctors, nurses, health care workers, security officers and all the front liners all over the world in making all these feat a possibility in defeating the corona virus from spreading futher. May Allah give us all perserverance in doing the task that is assigned to us…….May Allah reward all of us the best of this world and hereafter in sha Allah.

With the coming sacred month of Ramadhan, it is our biggest opportunity to help others in easing their difficulties, we will be rewarded in multiply ………what we usually get in sha Allah.

HabluminaLlah and Habluminannas both are equally important as long as we are doing it sincerely for the sake of Allah swt!

Also part of Prophet Muhammad ‘saw’ Sunnah

Kindly refer to Return To Sunnah blog, this is futher emphasized in Paying Debts, Ease Others In Whatever Way We Can In Times Of Crisis, Its Sunnah! Indeed.

Ya Allah with Your infinite mercy grant us more thoufeeq to steadfast our aqidah on Your straight path and to serve You more sincerely to be with Your Redha in dunia and akhirat.

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