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Purpose Of This Blog

Alhamdulilllah with the will of Allah, i have managed to publish about 20 posts. The purpose of this blog is a sharing of my realization and as a remembrance of Allah, the Merciful, the Great, the Al-Mighty and so many more…

It is as much as a reminder for myself….

Another reason for writing this blog is the concern i have with the future generation. I truly worry for our young successors. They seem to have lost all of the pure values…. the future generation seems to lack the knowledge and do not have any “realization of life’s objectives” through aqidah or the right path. Dear Allah keep all of us on the straight path and keep us in your protection always. Allahu Akhbar.

Each day we battle with ourselves and we battle just to keep on the straight path. Shaitan is always around to deviate us. nauzubillahiminzaliq

To keep on the right path and only be guided by Allah, we need to constantly remember Allah and our purpose in life…..

I hope these blogs will enlighten our purpose in life and be kept as a remembrance of Allah in sha Allah

Al-Quran is our ultimate guidance and sunnah from our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) as our secondary source of islamic jurisdiction are both compulsory to learn and understand to be able to get Allah’s redha in this world and akhirah in sha Allah.

In Surahs and Supplications, my soul food, i have posted some of my favourite duas and supplications and Return to Sunnah are all about our prophet Muhammad’s (saw) teachings and his way of life. The two blog topics are meant to compliment each other in getting the best of dunya and akhirah in sha Allah

With the current covid-19 carnage that Allah has decreed upon us, please do not give up hope in Allah. Whatever the situation we are in now, Allah has all the answer and we only need to keep on supplicating to Allah, the All Knowing…..

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