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Reviving Solah In Congregation In Our House

Ya Allah our beloved Robb, everything happens with Your decree, even a leaf doesn’t fall without Your permission, ya Allah You are the reason for all the reasons. Allahu Akbar.

Due to unforseen circumstances and Allah’s will, the covid-19 cases suddenly spiked up this week since the 15th, Malaysia being the lowest to suddenly the highest in South East Asia. Allahu Akhbar

My heart fell to the ground full of sorrow and sadness when it was decided that some states in Malaysia and even some neighbouring countries gave orders to stop any activities going to the Mosques and to halt the Voluntary prayers and also the Obligatory Friday Congregational prayers last week and the coming weeks to come. All of these happens with Allah’s decree and as a measure to stop the fast spreading of covid-19 virus in sha Allah. Ya Allah let the situation be temporary. Allahu Akbar.

May Allah guide our government to do their very best and have acted fast to curb anymore spreading of the covid-19 virus. They have strategically started the ‘Movement Control Order’ this week on major public gathering premises such as business complexes, offices, schools, educational institutions, religious places and major gatherings, Mosques and daily activities. This order is placed so it will curb the spreading of this covid virus in sha Allah.

This is a very rare, an unusual happening in the Malaysian history. All this happened due to Allah’s will and the sudden rapid spreading of the pandemic covid-19 virus NaoozubilLah.

Dear Allah please forgive us……we are Your poor slaves and we have committed a lot of sins knowingly and unknowingly.

Dear Allah with Your infinite Mercy! please dont punish us for the sins that we have committed, we beg for Your forgiveness and Rahmah.

Ya Allah we beg for Your Mercy to save us all and do not let this situation continue. We need You and Your infinite Mercy Ya Allah!

Ya Allah we beg You for Your Mercy, please forgive us, only You the exalted in Might know what is best for us, Allahu Akhbar.

Allahu Akhbar- we trust and Tawakkal completely in You ya Allah, ya Allah we are pleading to You that this dire situation is only temporary and we would be granted with victory, In sha Allah.

Ya Allah we need our beloved Mosques to be reopened soonest possible, ya Allah Please do not let the Mosques closure to be continued until the blessed Ramadhan. Ya Allah in the sacred month of Ramadhan we need our beloved Mosques to perform the voluntary congregational tarawih solah and I’thikaaf for You ya Allah.

May I share with my respected readers that, it is during many of these congregational prayers that most of my prayers were answered and was blessed with relief.

Such as

  • That my wish for a child was answered
  • That my divorce took place from my first husband, it was my sincere Dua that I must come out from such a personal agony. My Dua was submitted to Allah very devotionally in the congregational prayer during my umrah, and was answered
  • That my cry for a second husband who would love me and take me for congregational prayers to Mosques was again granted, this Dua was also submitted to ALLAH in a congregational prayer.
  • That Allah swt gave shifa to a relative of ours when she was diagnosed with a major illness. It was 3 years ago and Alhamdulilllah she is still with us. May Allah swt grant shifa to her, my beloved mother, my beloved husband, my beloved children and to all of us whosoever are reading my blog, SubhanAllah.

Ya Allah all praises be to You! this humble servant of You, certainly unable to submit my gratitudes for all Your favours that You have showered on me! Ya Allah You have granted me all my wishes and many more, thank You ya Allah, I love You and Your beloved Messenger Muhammad SollaLlahu alaihi wa aalihi wa Sallam.

It is the truth that Allah swt not only answered my supplications but He certainly answers many of His humble servants prayers too, In sha Allah.

Why The Need For Solah In Mosques

There are special angels appointed by Allah to write the names of the people who goes to the Mosques to perform their Solah seeking for Allah’s Mercy.

There is no doubt that more barakah is prescribed for doing solah congregation than doing solah individually

Solah in congregation is better than solah alone. With solah in congregation, we get 27 more merits than doing solah individually….

In congregational solah, our dua can be heard louder. Like doing a petition, a stronger voice of groups is better than one voice alone….

The followings are some of the benefits of congregational solah: –


We are consciously focussing on Allah swt, in His presence begging for His forgiveness. Our thoughts are not focussed on ourselves or on our other dunia affairs.

• Sociology

In congregational Solah , we are together and felt as one ummah. There is no poor or rich. Everyone is the same in the eyes of Allah swt. standing as one and only ummah.

• Spiritual

In congregational Solah, we are connected to Allah swt with our soul and only in remembrance of Allah do our hearts find peace, protected from shaitanic disturbances.

•Brotherhood (Ukhuwwah)

In congregational Solah, Silaratulrahim tightens our brotherhood and sisterhood relationship in sha Allah

• Community Bond

In congregational Solah, Strenghten the ukhwah.
We are stronger as a whole community

• Health and Medical

In congregational Solah,
through the interconnectedness of every individual, the entire saf will be charged with good and positive vibes…

Why We Can Still Do It At Home…..

My dear respected readers, Allah swt is the reason for all reasons and All knowing and ever Merciful, we redha with His decrees, if we are unable to go to the mosque due to specific reasons for the congregational prayers. It still could be done in our own homes too. A jamaa’ of our own family, what a beautiful congregational Solah!

Prohibition of going to the mosque due to the covid-19, does not mean we cannot have our own solah jamaah in the comforts of own house……Allah has given this TIME to do just that….. 5x solah jamaah with our family….. Dear Allah, Please make it easy for us……..

Wherever we have our solah, Allah is ever knowing and seeing. What matters most is that we must continue to come closer to Him and plead for His mercy in sha Allah…

O my dear Allah, You are all Loving, You are ever Listening, Seeing and Knowing of everything. We beg You ya Allah! Please do not punish us, please forgive and accept those who are Your innocent servants and they are just about to get closer to You. Ya Allah! with Your infinite Mercy and Love Please dont turn away from us rejecting our cries and pleas. We truly need you, without Your Compassion we are nothing, not even a speck of dust Ya Allah.

Ya Allah please protect us all, as You are the protector of this realm and the whole universe….

I request to all of us, including myself, to join together, come back together to strengthen our faith and put our trust whole heartedly in Allah swt, raising our palms together, pleading to Allah, certainly our answer and strength is placed in our own palms which are risen to our Allah swt.

The power only lies in our palm when it is risen to our Allah swt for help.

Allahu Akhbar, He is the Greatest One…..Never forget, why He is the Al-Mighty! He controls all and everything, the kingdom of this universe only belong to Him, this is His dominion.

Our weakness lies on our ignorance about the power of almighty Allah; that we do not know Him. He is the only one Who has the authority over everything, Who can say Be and it becomes “kun faya koon, and so the Dominion of everything belong to Him only. In sha Allah His word of “KUN “will stop…………all these epidemic beyond the limitation of time even before the movement of eye lids. Ameeen

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