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Ablution Is a Way Of Preventing The Corono Virus Pandemic As Well As Part Of Our Ibadah

Islamic history shows that the world witnessed many times the dangerous epidemic of many types of infectious disease and its outbreaks. In all the situations, the believers always have to trust in ALLAH swt, strive and struggle to prevent and eradicate such epidemics by all means and turn to ALLAH swt with Dua and supplication.

In December 2019, begins the latest catastrophic episode of the new virus which is taking over the world. The corona virus or covid-19. This is a time of a serious calamity that has fallen all over the world which is causing serious health issues….

Now, it seems to be spreading out of control…. NaoozubilLah min zalik. We are made aware (in the news and from other health experts) that the best prevention for the corona virus or any other plague is to keep our hygyiene and to always be certain that we always keep our hands washed and clean or sanitized at all times in sha Allah.

In most of the circumstances, one of the ways to be protected from any kinds of epidemics or deadly virus is by “washing ourselves with clean water”. Washing ourselves or cleaning ourselves with water is a type of prevention from the virus. At the same time, we will have to take other precautions such as staying away from crowded places and also to adhere to other preventive measures so we do not get infected and not to be infecting the virus to the others as well. This not only to save us but we need to be selfless and to think of the others too….

ALLAH swt granted us water, Thank You ALLAH and all praise be to You for giving us clean water. Alhamdulillah.

ALLAH swt granted water the power to wash away dirt and germs, washing with pure water is one of the best ways to clean ourselves and act as a prevention for the pandemic that is causing the world chaos.

Allah swt is Ever Merciful that He granted us clean water and by which, with a simple manner and easy, just clean as just a washing, will destroy all the dirt and germs….. Subhanallah.

ALLAH swt is all forgiving God, He forgives all the sins of His slaves when the slaves beg for the forgiveness as water washes away the germs and dirt.

Allah swt is the Greatest, He created the dirt and germs, in all His creations there is a meaning and hikmah that only He knows. In certain decrees of ALLAH swt. there are some benefits for us that we are informed for example, the Hukum of ablution (wudhu) with clean water 5 times daily as compulsory on every Muslims.

Thus, washing has to be consistent, it cannot be done once a day only. Therefore, Allah swt has prescribed his slaves to clean themselves at least 5 times a day, that is why wudhu or ablution is obligatory before every solah…..

This obligation is beneficial for believers both physically and spiritually.

Most importantly we need to have full reliance on Allah, the Creator….He is Al- Qaabidh (القابض) The Restricting One, therefore Ya Allah, we beg for Your Mercy! Please, we plead for Your infinite Mercy, restrict and eradicate this plague which is making Your poor servants worry and chaotic all over the world……

We trust only in You ya Allah
We beg for help only to You ya ALLAH! We submit to You only Ya ALLAH

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