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Coming To A Realization

Assalamualaikum dear readers.

This is my personal blog which i feel i am compelled to write

One day in december 2019, i woke up with a mission…. i just felt a strong and overwhelming need to write about my innermost thoughts regarding Allah….

As many of my family members who knows or have known me, especially in my childhood or younger days, i would often revert to “My world“, this is a place where i often block this dunya as it has so many things that i could not agree with…. i find that dunya has nothing to do with me, i am just here because i was put here…

As a child, when i went into My world, i often think very deeply about things surrounding me, the people i see and reflect on the situation that i am present with and will usually take it as a lesson in life….

I went into being a teenager, not quite sure if i did many things that young teenagers should be doing but nonetheless still often revert to My world….

I went through life like everyone else, went through teenage life, marriages, having children, all things that were normal alhamdulilllah.

But as i went through life like a normal person, i still went back to My World…..

I realized that i started collecting unnecessary things just to make me feel fulfilled. Funnily enough they don’t make me feel as though i am… still very much empty inside, and to feel whole again, i start collecting again….and so onnnn…

I began to analyze myself, why do i need to do so, why do i need to feel whole by doing so? Finally i came to a conclusion that i did those things to be able to run away from the current peoblem i am going through or just to block this world. I was like a druggie trying to find ways to make myself total…..

That particular day in december, i woke up looking at my dunya things and just cannot believe myself, how much i have collected the items and started to ask Allah of how to cure myself of this dunya sickness…..

I finally found the answer that i was looking for all this while…..,i have come to a realization that the only way i can cure myself is through going back to My world and start writing about our creator and the journey i went through to get closer to Allah, thus why this blog exists….

May Allah make this blog as a constant reminder for me and may this blog help with those who are still searching …..





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